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Aura Zaman Digital specialize in designing corporate and professional
look of website for commercial use among corporate company in Malaysia
since 2016

The Website You Get

Act As Business Profile

Digital business profile is representing by corporate website. If prospect searching for your complete business information, corporate website is the best method to deliver the content in a professional way.

Broaden Network Coverage

Through professional corporate website, your company is visible worldwide on digital realm. Many industrial players can get in touch with your company easily as a new high valuable network for your business.

Appear Top Online

You beat the competitors one step ahead once your website rank on the top of the search engine like Google. When people look for your products or services, your website appear in front of ‘desperate prospect’. Then, they are yours.

Increase Brand Image

By having professional image and corporate design on your web, people can recognize your brand easily. It is coherently represent the value of your product & services.

Gain Full Trust

You got 100% of trust once your prospect see the website as it is always be the best argument to show the company was really exist and still running the business seriously.

Contributes To Revenue

Ultimate business purpose, is to have inflow of revenue. The website you have drive you for the new prospect leads, increase database and automatically generate sales.

"These All Will Help You Close The Deal!"



Website : www.weldcheck.com.my
Niche : Oil & Gas


Website : www.mygoldrevolution.com
Niche : Financial Services

Muksyn Engineering & services

Website : muksyn.com
Niche : Oil & Gas


Website : sinarlega.com
Niche : Construction Engineering

EasyBina Homes

Website : www.easybinahomes.com
Niche : Housing Contractor

Sandakan Koi

Website : www.sandakankoi.com
Niche : Pets & Hobby

Shah Sandakan Car Rental

Website : www.shahsandakancarrental.com
Niche : Car Rental

Fast & Easy Swimming Academy

Website : www.feswimacademy.com
Niche : Swimming Academy

Cabelo Global

Website : www.cabelo.com.my
Niche : Hair Tonic

Malaysian Cover

Website : www.malaysiancover.com
Niche : Entertainment Talent Agency

“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Bill Gates


"In many ways, Aura Zaman Digital understood my website requirements better than i did, and they successfully complimented my vision. Their services are trustworthy, competent and transparent. I can't say enough amazing things about them, and i'm excited to continue working with them ”

Fairudeen Fajeer


"I hire them to make a website and run digital marketing for my service. Wonderful thing is they can finish up our website in just a few days then get running ads quickly. Now we can get automatic leads continuously. We just need to manage our budget ”

Zamri Saifuddin


"Easy to cooperate. They knows how businessman think. We have same mindset. It's makes me feel comfortable to hire them as our digital partner ”

Fadli Hassan

Owner Cabelo Global

"Simple process. We did our website with Aura Zaman and everything goes smooth till the end. They make complicated process become easy one ”

Abu Ammar


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